Frugal Bob's

Frugal Bob’s Consignment Guidelines

No Appointment Necessary: Please limit your items to 25 items per visit. We will go through your items and take what we believe will sell. The unwanted items will be given back at this time. This allows us to process your items in a batch so that they will end at the same time.

Condition: Please inspect your items carefully prior to bringing them to the store. Clothing must be of the current season, freshly laundered or dry cleaned, and in excellent ready to wear condition with minimal wrinkles and:

**We do not accept under garments or swimsuits**
**We do not accept childrens clothes at this time***

Please bring your clothing on hangers or folded in a box, plastic tote or bag. Do not bring shoes in shoe boxes unless they are still new and show the price.

Consignment Term: The term of the consignment is for 90 days from the date they are placed on the floor, which will be within 1-2 weeks of the date we receive them.

Seasons: We accept Spring/Summer from January thru June and Fall/Winter from July thru December.

Pricing: All prices will be set by Frugal Bob’s. We will tag your clothes with a tag that includes the price, your client number and item number. We reserve the right to add a buyers’ fee to the price.

Discounting: Your items will enter an automated markdown process after 45 days. Additional markdowns will be taken at the discretion of Frugal Bob’s at any point during the consignment period.

Payment: You will receive 50% of the selling price for items $99 or less and 70% for any items $100 and up. Balances over $40 will be paid by check or store credit only.

Security: Although we take the utmost care of your consigned items, we are not responsible for items that are lost, stolen, destroyed by a natural catastrophe or facility defect, or mishandled by careless shoppers.

Abandoned Items: We will contact you with the expiration date for your items. It is your responsibility from that point to keep track and pick up any unsold items you wish to have back within 5 business days of consignment period expiring. Any expired items left beyond the pickup period will become the property of Frugal Bob’s and sold or donated at our discretion.

Why Didn’t You Buy My Items?

We make buying decisions on what we need at any given time and what we think has the greatest possible chance of selling based on the stock we have. We always look at quite a bit more than we are able to sell. Sometimes we are able to buy more widely and sometimes based on available space we have to be very picky.

We always appreciate that you support the business by bringing your clothes to us whether we can utilize them at that particular time or not.